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Apartment for María

Baix Vinalopó, ES


A penthouse apartment within a beachside 1960s building in southern Spain required full refurbishment, with a particular focus on the intensification of the interior's relationship with the views to the horizon.


The proposed design sought to functionally and conceptually engage with the atmosphere of a home sited next to the Mediterranean sea, allowing the natural light and reflections of the water to enter and affect the interior.​ We considered how people might use the apartment, coming up from the beach below: the things they would like to do and the things they would need to do.

Openings to the terrace were enlarged and linings removed to reveal the original concrete frame, unveiling the textures and tracings hidden beneath - a stage set for the sounds of the sea and the light of the sun.​

The project was designed and built in collaboration with Diego Lopez.

Photography is by Freddie Marriage.

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